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If you've lost your natural teeth we can help. Replacing missing teeth with dentures benefits your facial structure, and your ability to eat and speak.


Loosing a tooth can be traumatic emotionally and physically. It affects your ability to chew, your self confidence and your ability to smile without embarrasment. It can happen for many reasons including trauma, periodontal disease, substance abuse, excessive tooth wear and other issues. We use dentures to replace natural teeth that have been lost. In adition to dentures, dental implants are a great choice for tooth replacement.

Dentures have improved drammatically over the last 100 years and todays dentures are longer lasting, more natural and easier to use. The wooden teeth of George Washington probably weren't very realistic, but the dentures of today can hardly be noticed. Keeping your natural teeth is always our first goal, but if that is not possible, dentures are a great alternative. Besides allowing you to smile more freely, dentures allow you to chew properly and can help to allow you to eat in a healthier manner.

Types of dentures

There are a few types pf denture that you should know about:

  • Complete dentures: when someone has lost all of ther natureal teeth or the natural teeth that are left need to be pulled
  • Partial dentures: these are used when you are missing just a few teeth

We offer both complete and partial dentures in addition to other ways to replace teeth such as dental implants. Please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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